Stretch & Strength for Splits

Stretch & Strength for Splits

This is a not to be missed 6 week program with Lily

Strengthen, Tone and increase Range of Motion with a combination of amazing techniques derived from Barre, Pilates & Yoga.

This class is high energy & upbeat. The first half of the class is a beautiful blend of Pilates and barre to elongate the limbs via body weight movements that protect and lubricate the joints.

The second half focuses into a deep stretch to open up the hips with a range of innovative movements to achieve the splits.

Each lesson approaching the body gently with a strong anatomical foundation to achieve a deeper range of motion.

You will be supported throughout the class to prevent injuries and enjoy the practice before ending with a few moments of meditation to centre yourself.

This class is welcome to people of all levels, as all movements can be adjusted to align with your body!

Join me now to find a new way of being!






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