Top5 tips for Glowing Inside and Out on your Wedding day. See our top tips to being a calm, glowing

1. Start your wedding preparation early For great skin health, it works not only from a strict skincare regime & regular facials it starts from what you are putting into your body. We recommend seeing an experienced beauty therapist to assist in determining your skin health and how they can help you achieve the results you desire for your wedding day. Start a healthy eating plan. Cut down the sugars, refined and processed foods and increase eating alkalising & vitamin rich foods.

2. Start or continue with a regular yoga,meditation or mindfulness practice.

These practices will help you to maintain lower stress levels and deal with the busy planning and organising in a better frame of mind. Attend a regular yoga class (try one of the more dynamic styles such as Vinyasa,Flow or Power) as these classes will help to tone, strengthen and improve flexibility, they also give you a mild cardio workout! Meditation &breathing techniques can assist with visualising how you would like your wedding week/day to unfold and to keep the stress under wraps.

3. Achieve even skin tone, reduce pores and brighten the skin with Microdermabrasion The Vartamana beauty team recommend a series of 6 Diamond Microdermabrasion prior to your wedding day. Microdermabrasion can help to minimize the depth of the pore size, improve hydration, brighten, firm and tone the skin. Enzyme peels can be used in combination to remove build up on the skin and minimize acne, fine lines & wrinkles. When the skin is at its optimal health from these treatments makeup will sit better and photographs will look amazing.

4. Take time out leading up to the wedding for your and your hubby to be Make sure you take time to connect doing something fun and relaxing. It maybe going for a walk, enjoying a couples de-stress massage, attending a private yoga class together or doing something fun out of your comfort zone. Just make sure you enjoy the time leading up to your wedding together. Make it fun rather than a chore.

5. Be in the Moment.

Get all the detail out of the way, trial & achieve your wedding look prior to your day so on the day you are happy in your skin. Relax and be in the moment of the magic of your Wedding!